Monday, 5 December 2016

We’ll remember NDC corruption – Samira Bawumia

Samira Bawumia has said that we will remember all the corruption and incompetence of President Mahama’s administration on December 7 .

The wife of the NPP’s vice presidential aspirant, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has stated that the people of Ghana will also remember ‘arrogance’ of the Mahama government.

Speaking to a sea of party supporters at the trade fair center in Accra at the last rally of NPP, she told that we will remember Subah, SADA, Woyome, and bus branding scandal.

She claimed that Ghanaians will also remember Mahama’s administration failure to construct 200 Senior High School’s across the country.

When we have our ballot paper on Wednesday, we will remember corruption; we will remember Woyome, SADA, Subah, bus branding scandal, the arrogance and lies of the NDC administration. They’ve insulted doctors, teachers, nurses and ordinary citizens just for asking  that how they are using our cash.

We wouldn’t forget that they couldn’t build200 SHS’s and dumsor problem is still unsolved. We will keep in mind that under the NDC ‘various phases of completion mean only a bare land and billboard. It will be in our mind that in four years they have doubled the interest rate. When they took hold the office, the exchange rate was 1.2 to a dollar today it is 4.3 to a dollar. We will remember that Ghana being a great country deserves a great leader, Mrs Bawumia said..
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