Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Attempt to collect royalties from churches is an abomination – Piesie Esther

One of the prolific female gospel musicians, Piesie Esther, has taken a swipe at Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), on its decision to collect royalties from churches, describing the attempt as an abomination.

The ‘agye wonsem’ hit maker made the statement on Adom Entertainment Hall show last Saturday.

In an interview with the Host of Adom Entertainment Hall, Mike’2?, Piesie said, the church members pay taxes hence there is no need to pay any royalty.

According to her, the church normally give artistes some transportation when they invite them to programmes, which is a form of royalty for their intellectual property thus would be wrong for GHAMRO to claim same.

“Those who pay taxes at home are the same people who go to church. We the musicians are sometimes given fuel when invited to perform at churches so it will not be fair for GHAMRO to charge them. GHAMRO should hold on to this unpopular decision”, she cautioned.

She further added that, there are certain things that must not be done in church even though they ( musicians) need money to support their works.

Piesie Esther, who recently donated some assorted food items to Mephibosheth Training Centre (MTC) at Apam Junction in the Central Region said, there are many other areas the organization could enforce its mandates to generate more income to give to its members than this initiative.

“Not all money is to be consumed. The house of God is there to praise Him and worship Him, is God who gives us the strength to write and sing the songs so after this if you take royalties, I think it is unfair. They should not attempt taking any royalties. It is an abomination to even think of taking royalties from the churches”, she fumed.